3 Essential Kitchen Products In 2021

The storage of the kitchen has always been a problem, most likely because you did not start the following kitchen appliances, very practical, and will not take up too much space.
These things can subvert your understanding of the kitchen, no matter from the practicality or aesthetics are highly cost-effective, let’s have a look.

1. Rainbow Basin

The first one I recommend to you is Joseph Joseph’s Rainbow basin, but I regret buying it immediately after I bought it. I regret buying it late~

First of all, the rainbow basin adopts a design similar to “Russian Dolls”. Although there are nine products, they are stacked together and occupy a small space in the kitchen.

The whole rainbow basin is made of PP environmental protection plastic, which is easy to clean and ingenious in design. All the buttons are tangent, and the superposition will not shake.

After all of them are disassembled, a mixing bowl, a draining bowl, a filter screen, and various colored small cups can be obtained.

5 size measuring cups, on the back there is a capacity mark, in baking more effective.

The red one is 1 / 3 cup, 85ml.

To make cakes, you can quickly measure milk and butter with a small spoon, and then stir the ingredients in a large green bowl.

In the process of using, it was found that the quality of the mixing bowl was fairly good, and there was no problem using the electric mixer to stir.

The filter screen in the rainbow plate can filter the flour during baking.

It’s very convenient to wash fruits and vegetables in the drain bowl. In short, it’s very useful and creative. It doesn’t take up space. It’s highly recommended.

2 . Health classification board

I bought a set of stainless steel sets with knives and spatula together, and a bamboo anvil board; But for a while, the bamboo chopping board was often damp and moldy due to weather, so they were simply changed.

It has four sets of dishes, including seafood, cooked food, fresh meat, and vegetables.

The knives are also classified according to the cutting board, and the handle is also marked with the corresponding color.

Equipped with four kinds of stainless steel material of western-style tools

The size of the four sets of cutting boards is 30 * 20cm, and they are made of edible resin. There are many humanized designs in detail.

For example, the red cutting board of raw meat has a 0.8cm drain tank around it, which can collect blood or frozen water.

There is a granular anti-skid belt on the blue raw fish board, which is used for the fish to slide when cleaning.

The white cooked food board is provided with a concave-convex groove to collect the residue falling during cutting.

The base of the cutting board is ventilated, and it is not easy to breed bacteria in the kitchen.

3.6-Piece set of spatula, spoon and cooker

The rotary design saves space and is convenient to take when cooking.

From left to right, there are leakage scoops, shallow spoons, slender frying shovels, mesh cover scoops, deep spoons and medium hole frying shovels; And 6 kitchen utensils use the weight design, usually use the desktop will not contact.

But for most Chinese families, the six-piece set is not practical, only the frying shovel is used more frequently.

The main body of the spatula is made of nylon. It will be worn at high temperatures. Although it does not affect the use, it should not be. I hope the manufacturer can improve it later.

Thank you for reading my article. The products introduced in the article are all conclusions drawn through my extensive use. They are very suitable for my current living habits, simple, efficient and healthy; In addition, household appliances and storage are easy to use every day, and it’s easy to clean them.
Of course, due to space reasons, there are still some places that have not been mentioned. You are welcome to pay attention to them and come back later.

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